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 Are you prepared if you get pulled over?
An estimated 1 out of every 5 vehicles on our Texas roads has no automobile insurance.  That means that the 4 out of every 5 vehicle owners who do carry the minimum legal coverage could have to personally pay for vehicle repairs and medical bills if hit by an uninsured driver, or opt to purchase extra uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to protect themselves.  It's such a problem that Texans pay for almost $10 billion in optional coverage annually. 

That's why the Texas Legislature directed The Department of Insurance, The Department of Public Safety, The Department of Transportation and the department of Information Resources to create the TexasSure Vehicle Insurance Verification System.  At it's heart, is a database that matches information on every registered vehicle in Texas to insurance policy data submitted by Texas Insurance Companies.  With such information, law enforcement officers and tax assessor-collectors can access the database and instantly verify whether a vehicle has the required auto insurance. 

So what does this mean for you?  If you already carry at least the required minimum amount of liability insurance, you're good to go and there's nothing else you need to do.  If you'd like to confirm that the information your insurance company submitted to the database is correct, contact your insurance company or an AID representative. 

Remember, Texas, through TexasSure, is cracking down on uninsured motorists, fraudulent insurance cards and drivers who drop the coverage after receiving a valid insurance card.  The penalties can be severe, so stay insured!

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If you're not covered, YOU WILL be discovered!


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A NetSpend debit card is a plastic card that looks like a credit card.  The NetSpend debit card is not a credit card, it is prepaid.  This means it is completely powered by your money.  There is no credit card bill to pay at the end of the month, no late fees, no risk of going into debt. 

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You can select a fee plan based on how often you use your card.  See some of the other great features below. 


Additional Card Features 

Anytime Alerts: Cardholders interact with their account in real-time by requesting and receiving account information with their mobile phone. 

Direct Deposit: Cardholders have the option to have all or a part of their paycheck deposited directly into their account. We offer this to eligible cardholders for free. 

NetSpend Savings: Cardholders have the opportunity to save money in a separate Savings account, while earning 5.00% APY* one of the best rates in the country.  


Budgeting: Cardholders can track spending behavior and set limits with NetSpend's award-winning budgeting system. The personal finance tool was selected as the "Most Innovative Prepaid Program" by Paybefore. 

Virtual Cards: Virtual Cards provide eligible cardholders with a secure method of making card-not-present transactions.  Creates a temporary account for safer online transactions. 

Cardholder Transfers: Cardholders may transfer funds to other NetSpend cardholders online or by sending a text message. 

Instant Bank Transfers: Eligible cardholders can transfer money online instantly from any Visa or MasterCard debit card. 

NetSpend Life Benefits: Available at no cost to eligible cardholders, NetSpend Life Benefits provides 35-day Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage. 

NetSpend Premier: A new level of service and quality. NetSpend Premier offers eligible cardholders access to top-level features. 

NetSpend.mobi: The power of netspend.com is now available in a mobile-friendly form at www.netspend.mobi.com.


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NetSpend Visa and MasterCard Prepaid cards are issued by Inter National Bank and MetaBankTM,  members FDIC; please see back of your card for its issuing bank.  NetSpend is an authorized Independant Sales Organization of Inter National Bank and MetaBank.  Use of card subject to funds availability.  Transaction fees, terms and conditions apply.  See Cardholder Agreement for complete details.

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